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Sunday, October 7, 2018

Mesej yang menggemparkan pelabur crypto?

Baru-baru ini, penulis menerima mesej ini yang tular di media sosial Whatsapp. Ia menarik perhatian penulis kerana wujudnya perkataan crypto dalam mesej tersebut. Apakah yang cuba disampaikan penulis tanpa nama ini tidak lain adalah supaya pelabur keluar daripada pelaburan cryptocurrency atas faktor kebobrokan ekonomi USA dan pemilikan bank oleh golongan Jews. Benarkah begitu?

Analisis penulis, mungkin boleh jadi penerima mesej seorang pelabur crypto, sepatutnya mesej tersebut perlu guna perkataan JANGAN SENTUH berbanding KELUAR dari pelaburan tersebut. Keduanya pula, bagaimana crypto dikatakan milik bank sedangkan munculnya ia bukan oleh ciptaan Bank Dunia, malah bank sedang giat cuba aplikasikan teknologi blockchain. Ini menimbulkan keraguan pertama penulis terhadap mesej ini.

Tidak dinafikan, elemen autoriti dan empati bijak digunakan dalam perenggan pertama untuk memberi kredibiliti penulisan, malangnya namanya tidak disebutkan menimbulkan keraguan penulis kenapa ia dirahsiakan yang tak ubah seperti penulis surat layang atau surat cinta secret admirer yang tak cukup matang.

Adapun penutup perenggan adalah merujuk kepada ekonomi Amerika yang sememangnya bermasalah. Hal ini boleh mendorong negaranya yang berkemungkinan mencetus perang dunia bagi meneruskan hegemoni negaranya yang tergugat atas sebab serangan ekonomi global.

Penulis bersetuju supaya setiap daripada kita sentiasa bersedia untuk menghadapi ekonomi masa akan datang dengan sebaik-baik bekalan. Masakan pula ayat "We come to help US economy" pernah kedengaran viral suatu masa dahulu.

Percaya atau tidak? Penulis mengambil pendekatan untuk percaya 50%. Anda?

Berikut cabutan mesej yang diberikan:

My friend,  my MAS buddy who just returned from official duties in Washington and New York supporting the SGP delegation to the UN General Assembly  and IMF meeting, told me the US situation is really chaotic and most Americans are worried and fearful.  They can sense that the govt utterances and media are not truthful but they cannot put their finger on the principal causes.  All they know the happy talk of Trump and mass media are lies.  Things are slowing down and things from foodstuffs, toiletries, other household items are very expensive.  When they bumped  into friends they exchanged only sad stories and expensive medical charges because most Americans are sickly people.  Their other concerns  is unemployment and low wages,  etc.  So they sense things are worsening and life is getting harder each day but what actually is hurting them and depressing the atmosphere is a mystery.  The more educated ones can dig into the problems by surfing the internet. 
My buddy told me that what is happening in satanic America is that the lies and cover-up are now unraveling in accordance to the law of economics and physics.  The enormus debts the country incurred and is still growing are now producing painful effects.  These will explode ANY TIME FROM NOW.  He said all the banks are bankrupt and account holders are now screwed.  They cannot withdraw big sum of money of a few Ks at a time. 
My buddy said he and his colleagues have reported back to MAS to expect a financial crisis  is inevitable and will happen before the end of 2018. The first to go down will be banks and hedge funds.  The bonds market will collapse any moment and this will trigger the stock market collapse.  All these must happen because America is not exempted from the law of economics or the law of sciences. This time the destruction will be many time worse than 2008. 
He warned me to quickly get out of the digital (crypto) casinos. All these setups  are now run by crooks for the cabal Jews whose banking industry is now destroyed and the cryptos are cash grabs for them swipe to make up for lost incomes. 
War is on the horizon.  The tariff war is a 1st salvo to knuckle China into submission but the clever Chings outsmarted them. At the moment the Chinese are fighting the imperialist on the terms of the reset which will probaly be announced in October '18. Now be advised the yanks will be forced to devalue the USD by 30% to be followed by another 30% in 1st half 2019. The Chinese government, Russian, and BRICS countries are preparing for a formal USD collapse.  Already they have all the platform ready to replace swift and launch the gold trade note and gold back yuan and roubles.
The US Interior Secretary has announced they have enough super submarines to blockade Russian,  Chinese, Iranian oil entering Europe. Obviously this means war.  But commonsense tells us this is a stupid bragging of a desperado. 
hope this msg will be helpful for you to prepare for the difficult times ahead. 

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